Saturday, July 3, 2010

What Nat noticed!

Nat and I love to go play in the pool. My aunt has one and she lives right next door. There's not alot we can do right now because Nat can't get her ears wet because of tubes put in her ears. Often times we will take this tiem to discuss important things and I will try to give Nat information that I think will be important to her later as she grows up. Sometimes Nat will talk about things bothering her or questions she has or just share some of her feelings. She said that her best friend often feels unloved by her parents and she could see why. I asked her why and she said "Well it's like when I am over there visiting her parents stay in their room and watch tv or they get on the computer. (Incidentally Nat is not home right now that is why I am on the computer) She said they only come around when it is is time to eat and then they just fix us a sandwich or something easy like chips and cookies from a bag. I said well isn't that what happens at Ma's too (Teresa now lives with her parents). She said yes and there's no love in throwing together a sandwich. It's like Mary (my aunt that lives next door with the pool) She microwaves everything to get it done quick, but you Daddy you cook everything the hard way from scratch like mashed potatoes and pancakes and two hour made in the stove baked potatoes. So they taste like love.
I knew I did those things because I wanted to do my very best for my child so that when she is grown I would have no regrets, but I never thought ti would make er feel special or more loved than other children or that she would realize it at such a young age!
Always Always Always do your best for your children. They will feel the love come through or the lack thereof. Nat's friend is starting to resent her parents and feel unloved where do you think that will lead? No where you want to go with your kids right?!?

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